Hello and Welcome

Hello! And welcome to our brand new (and long overdue…) blog.

We have been very busy lately, expanding our workshop and hiring two new experts to work on our signature pieces.  We have seen an increased demand for upmarket bespoke joinery, so our order books of full of custom-made kitchens and walk-in dressing rooms.

We have also launched on Pinterest [link] and Instagram [link], where we will slowly be growing a collection of photos so we can showcase our products. We will be using these platforms as a collaborative tool, so our customers can see pieces and trends that we love, share things with us that they love, and comment on them. There shouldn’t be any lack of inspiration for us or our clients now that we are utilising these medias and, let’s face it, we are going to enjoy doing this one!

In other news we are working on a few exciting projects at the moment such as a wood and metallic liquor cabinet, internally lit with mirror effect. We are also going rustic…creating a country kitchen in central London. These projects are proving to be great fun, and indeed ensure we remain versatile in our designs and style. 

Well that’s it for our little introduction. We are looking forward to sharing our thoughts and forthcoming work with you going forward.