A Personal Profile - Duncan White

Precision engineered bespoke furniture requires a precision engineer. Duncan White takes immense pride in creating beautiful pieces, underpinning this with a relentless attention to detail.

Duncan read engineering at Oxford University. There followed a long and successful corporate career and then a few years ago he returned to his original passion – building products of beauty. And with that, Avocet Furniture was born, a bespoke cabinet and furniture design company which specialises in tailor-made designs to satisfy the discerning tastes of his clients. 

The creation of a bespoke piece of furniture goes beyond any standard feat of engineering, though. Maths meets art in a quality design that embodies both structure, detail and yet an aesthetic of simplicity. Duncan uses a selection of natural woods, contemporary materials, metal and glass to create his pieces.

In his spare time, Duncan is a bit of a fitness fanatic, travelling the globe to run half marathons. The last one he participated in was in Reykjavik, and having survived the midnight run managed a few extra days to take in the sights and sounds of the local pubs and restaurants. His wife might be forgiven for wondering what the actual motivation for these trips is!  

With designs spanning contemporary material combinations to century-old designs made from natural wood, Duncan throws himself in to any challenge, using his engineering know-how to create unique furniture for clients who love the end result as much as he loves crafting it. He works closely with them to understand the inspiration behind their commission and help with the selection of design and materials.

Based in South West London, Duncan produces furniture for clients throughout the UK. 

Duncan Scale Model