How To: Arrange A Room

Sometimes, one can become so embroiled in the search for the perfect elements of a room that it’s possible to overlook the room’s general impression. When your space needs a makeover, the layout is just as important as its shades and furniture. It’s possible to create a whole new aesthetic just by adding a piece here and there, and doing some rearranging.

So how do you go about reshaping the room?

Step One: Find A Focal Point

It could be a beautiful window, your fireplace, or even the TV. Think about what you want to face from your favourite seat; and what you want your guests to face.

The focal point doesn’t necessarily mean that all of your furniture needs to face the same way, but it will steal the focus of anyone entering. If your fireplace is grand, then don’t hide it away. If your windows are low, use lower profile furniture. 

Step Two: Storage, Shelves and Space

Will your guests need to put drinks down in this room? Will you need somewhere for your books, for your makeup, or your computer?.

Are you a bookworm who’ll continue to buy editions? Then you’ll need to consider the shelving and find the right place to show off those well-worn covers.

Perhaps your children need a homework area, or a toy box? Keeping the space beautiful is important, but before you can consider the best arrangement for this, it’s imperative you consider its functionality. 

Step Three: The Journey

What’s the journey like into your room? Do you casually hang up a coat before taking a seat on the couch? Remove your makeup before getting into bed? Read while you’re in the bath?

All of these aspects should be considered when creating the perfect space. Your home is your sanctuary, and making life easiest for yourself should be your number one goal.

As you use the room, make a mental note – or even a physical list – of what you do when you enter, and how your journey in the room unfolds. Take that step-by-step process and think about what you could do to make it easier.

A hallway could use a shoe-rack, for example. A bathroom could have a keenly placed magazine holder; or a dressing table could position itself en route to your bed.

Step Four: Planning

Once you have all of these considerations in mind, it’s time to take a moment to properly plan the room. Software or apps can make this a piece of cake – but a rough sketch on paper is just as good. Take inventory of what you have in the room – and what’s getting the boot – and make sure it all has a helpful place in the space. You can then allow for any extra storage or surfaces.

When this is done, get shifting! And enjoy your new-found comfort in familiar surroundings.