Fab Ideas for Christmas Interiors

Christmas time is upon us, and it is safe to say everyone is excited...and busy. You've got a lot to do, presents to buy and mulled wine to drink, not to mention decorating your home. We thought we would simplify things a little and show you our festive favourites that will make your home look fab in a flash. 

Bring in the Outside       

Adding a little bit of nature it a great way to decorate in the festive period. It can bring in colour, fragrance and is really easy to do. You can gather foliage from outside, snip a little branch from the tree (no-one will know) or buy some from your local garden centre. Collecting pinecones with the kids will always be a fun activity!

Glass Ornaments

You can bring a huge range of colours into your décor with these glass ornaments. They are classic and elegant and will fit into any theme. You can even carry the outside theme, by getting ornaments you can fill yourself and adding a little of your found foliage! If you have any tiny humans that are likely to be playing catch with the baubles before the big day, you can swap Glass for Plastic and get the same effect. 

All that Glitters

Gold is traditional and a Christmas colour that will never go out of style. Glittery Gold is the glamourous cousin that elevates your decoration from standard to fabulous. 

Traditional Entry

A wreath on the door has always been a standard, but we are loving this years trend of going all out in the entry way of the home. Even if you have a modern tree, a traditional welcome into your home sets an exciting tone for guests (and you!). Whether you have a tiny porch, or a huge hallway, think Mistletoe over the door, garlands along banisters and lights in the window.