Furniture Trends for 2017

As we head into the winter months, the comfort of our own homes becomes ever more alluring - and ensuring your interior is a welcoming and warming environment is an important way of enveloping ourselves in comfort.

With trends such as the Swedish Hygge dominating interior trends right now, warmth and comfort is AW16’s must-have ambience for the home.

All That Glitters

2015 was the year of copper, and whilst any metallic piece is a shining beacon of intrigue, this year has brought us closer to that comforting warm feel, boasting brass and gold at the metal of the moment. 

Touched Interiors . Valley Walnut Root & Polished Brass Side Table.

Touched Interiors. Valley Walnut Root & Polished Brass Side Table.

This Valley Walnut Root & Polised Brass Side table from Touched Interiors exemplifies the clean and polished aesthetic around the gold and brass trend, whilst also embodying the next reveleation.

Natural Wood

Natural wood is timeless – but sometimes gets overshadowed by fads like marble and lacquer. This bow back Holworth Chair, designed by Nathalie De Leval, boasts either a walnut or oak finish, showing off the ever-fashionable look. 

Holworth Chair, designed by Nathalie De Leval.

Holworth Chair, designed by Nathalie De Leval.

Natural textures aren’t limited to natural wood, of course. Cane, rattan and abaca are all a part of the 2017 look, merging modern and traditional styles to create something newer. Some designers are merging the two in whole new ways – with Kate Spade leading the way putting retro wallpaper behind clean and modernist glass to front cabinets in her new range. We’re seeing texture maximised by upholstering and lacquering natural materials in a warming juxtaposition. 

70s Revival

As it is on the runways of London Fashion Week, so it is in the home. The 70s are bursting back in time for 2017 - and bringing with them a surprising old friend/foe.

According to style experts at, cork is making a comeback in time for next year - featuring not only in furniture but as a textured wall covering.

Also back from the past is terracotta - but not as you know it. With a matte, brushed finish, look to incorporate terracotta in bathroom tiles, replacing the previously popular natural stone - and ceramic subway tiles in the kitchen. 

Colour And Texture

Emerald green continues our warm theme, and is the top pick for 2017 - particularly alongsidethe return of velvet.

Whether it's an upholstered lamp, or a clean-edged couch, emerald green is the way to go on those statement pieces and injections of colour. Alongside the warmth of brass, who couldn't feel at home?

A perfect example is this emerald green Hatfield Sofa from Sweetpea and Willow, with hand-applied brass studs on the sharp edges. 

Hatfield Sofa from  Sweetpea and Willow .

Hatfield Sofa from Sweetpea and Willow.

In addition to the warmth of green, we’ll also be keeping our eyes peeled for a natural hue to complement the natural wood trend. An organic palette of muted and soft pastels. Interior designer, Marie Flanigan, told Houstonia that the earth-tone was one to watch, sharing one these beautiful earthy pastels to exemplify the future of tone trend.

Texturewise, as well as lacquering and glass we’re also seeing techniques re-emerge to help materials pop, such as wire brushing on wood grain. 

In The Bedroom

Say goodbye to your metal bed frames; upholstered headboards are back. No, not the dusky pink you remember from way back when - but continuing our velvet theme in greys and greens. 


Alice bedhead in Geneva Glacier Velvet. Photo: Heatherly Design

Alice bedhead in Geneva Glacier Velvet. Photo: Heatherly Design

Shake Up Your Art

It’s time to bin quote art, as the Pinterest fodder fades from designers’ palettes. The graphic design element is far from over, however, as we move on from traditional wallcoverings to art-inspired wallpaper.

In particular, watercolour painting inspired wall dressing is the beautiful new trend that’ll turn staring at a wall into an actual treat, and inject personality into a space.

A beautiful example is this Blue Abstract Watercolour Paint Wallpaper from Murals Wallpaper, continuing the natural theme into an oceanic covering. 


Murals Wallpaper.

Murals Wallpaper.